St. Macartin's Cathedral

The functioning of any church depends on the working together of a number of dedicated staff and voluntary helpers. Our church is no exception and although the clergy are the most prominent, there are many more people who are not so visible but whose hard work is vital in maintaining the building and organising our activities. So meet the team!
The Dean: The Very Rev. Kenneth R J Hall, M. Phil.
Kenneth has been our Rector and Dean of the Diocese of Clogher since 2010. With his excellent sense of humour, affability and sound Christian teaching, he has proved to be a most worthy pastor. When he joined us, little did he expect that before long he would play host to Her Majesty the Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh! He has also welcomed other prominent people including HRH the Duke of Kent, former First Minister of the Northern Ireland Assembly Peter Robinson, his successor Arlene Foster,  Irish President Michael D. Higgins,  the Taoiseach of Dáil Éireann (the Irish Prime Minister) Enda Kenny (several times) and Mr Kenny's successor Leo Varadkar.

The Church Secretary:  Beth Rennick
Beth manages to squeeze an enormous amount of work into five morning sessions per week - her duties are something akin to keeping several balls in the air at the same time! She has been in the position since 2001 and is a friendly face of the church to all who visit the office.
Diocesan Pastoral Assistant :  Will Stevenson
Will was appointed to the post of Diocesan Pastoral Assistant in 2011. His rôle is largely to carry out pastoral visits with all parishioners on a regular basis - a mammoth task, what with well over one thousand families on our books. He is the means of maintainng contact with those who various reasons no longer or rarely attend services.
The Verger: Andrew McCabe
Andy was appointed to his position from the beginning of February 2018, replacing Mr Jack Watson who had delivered faithful service since 1962. Andy will continue his duties as Hall Caretaker and indeed extends them to the cathedral itself.
The Director of Music and Organist: Glenn Moore
Glenn was appointed in October 2012, having been the organist and choirmaster at Ardess Parish Church, his home parish, for eighteen years.  He is an enormously talented musician who has given organ recitals at numerous churches throughout the Diocese of Clogher and beyond. He has been Diocesan Secretary of the Diocese of Clogher for twelve years and is actively involved in diocesan and central church affairs.
The Assistant Director of Music: Jayne Malcolmson (formerly Haslett)
Jayne was appointed at the same time as Glenn. Originally from Londonderry, she has been a teacher in Enniskillen Model School since 2009. Having a stunningly beautiful singing voice, She has performed as a lead in some of the productions by Enniskillen Light Opera. On Saturday 15th September 2018 we were delighted when she married Jim Malcolmson in
the Cathedral.
The Glebewardens: - George Irvine (left) and Noel Johnston
The Churchwardens: Rosemary Woods and David Graham
The Lay Readers: (from left) Jack Watson, Jim Kerr and Karl Saunders
The Honorary Secretary of the Select Vestry: Samuel Morrow
Sam has been in this position for  twenty-eight years. Originally from Clabby, he attended Portora Royal School and graduated from Queen's University Belfast with a degree in Agriculture. He rose to become County Agricultural Executive Officer in 1977. Before retiring in 1996 he had also served as the Principal of Enniskillen College of Agriculture. A keen historian, he has written and published three books, two of which dealt with church history. He has been a member of St Macartin’s Select Vestry since 1968 and has been its Honorary Secretary since 1989. He served as Rector’s Church warden for four years, Rector’s Glebewarden for six years and was High Sheriff for County Fermanagh in 1986.
David was appointed to the position of Rector's Churchwarden at the annual Easter Vestry meeting in 2019.
Rosemary was appointed to the position of People's Churchwarden at the annual Easter Vestry meeting in 2019.
Noel was appointed to the post at the Annual General Vestry meeting in March 2018. He is husband to Jenifer, a member of Select Vestry and formerly assistant Honorary Treasurer.
George (Irvine) has been a constantly re-elected Glebewarden for many years. He is highly valued church member who works enthusiastically in service to the congregation so quietly and unobtrusively that few realise how heavily involved he is. For a long time he  was a very popular scout leader.
The Honorary Treasurer: Hope Kerr
Hope Kerr is well known to St Macartin's Cathedral parishioners as a member of the Select Vestry and Honorary Treasurer of the parish as well as a member of the parish Safeguarding Trust Team. She also serves the wider Church of Ireland as a member of General Synod, Clogher Diocesan Synod, Clogher Diocesan Council and is a member of the Northern Ireland Board of Education. She is also an enthusiastic and committed member of Enniskillen Soroptimist Club and is a recent Past President of the Club. The Secretary of State appointed  her as High Sheriff of County Fermanagh for the year 2015.
As a member of Select Vestry, Jim served with four incumbents in the parish. During his time on the Select Vestry he had served with distinction as an elected member on many committees and bodies of the Church of Ireland . These included the Diocesan Synod, the General Synod, Parochial Nominator, Diocesan Board of Education, the Northern Ireland Board of Education, Board of Governors of Portora Royal School and various missionary societies. He has been a Lay Reader since......
Jack retired as Verger at the end of January 2018. He had faithfully served in this rôle from March 1962 and had worked under five Rectors, four of whom have also been Deans of Clogher. He has been a Diocesan Lay Reader for very many years.
Karl has been a lay reader for several years. Coming originally from England, he did not really have a church background but came to faith in Christ as an adult.
The Select Vestry: For the year 2019-2020 the Select Vestry comprises Karen Clyde, Linda Corrigan, Ivan Kee, Hope Kerr (Hon. Treasurer), Jenifer Johnston, Samuel Morrow (Hon. Secretary), David J Nixon, Sandra Richmond, Stephen Richmond, David Clarke, Richard Cochrane and Jonathan Woods.

Assistant Hon. Secretary - Raymond Campbell
Assistant Hon. Treasurer - Karl Saunders

Hall Caretaker and Verger - Andrew McCabe

All the people cited on this page only form part of the picture. We are grateful also to the teams of campanologists (bell -ringers!), Sunday School teachers, parish guides, youth leaders and many other people who give there time and efforts completely voluntarily.
The Webmaster and Assistant Projectionist: Dr William Holmes
Together with his wife Claire (an active church chorister), Willie has been a church member for 18 years. As well as maintaining the website, he can be found acting as a cathedral guide on Saturday afternoons in the summer months and serves as projectionist on alternate Sundays dating from August 2018. Additionally he is the webmaster for this website, acts as an  unofficial church photographer and occasional computer fixer-upper in the office! He retired three times from the post of Consultant/Specialty Anaesthetist at the Erne and South West Acute Hospitals and did so for the last time in September 2016.
The Chief Projectionist: Ronnie Carson
Ronnie and his wife Anne and family have been members for a very long time. Sunday by Sunday he projects the words of the hymns and other material onto the screens in the church. But there is a lot more to it than that, because he has to spend a lot of time working with the computer software in advance, so that the sequence used in each service runs smoothly and correctly. He also  acts as sound engineer and cameraman - all told, a rather nerve-racking job! He is also the main Youth Club leader.
Deacon: Rev. Colin Brownsmith Colin actually belongs to Inishmacsaint Parish. He has been helping in the Cathedral during  his training as a Diocesan Lay Reader and and in the absence of a curate is serving as Deacon with the Dean until the autumn of 2020. He has had an illustrious career, having been a financial analyst with Ford before working for May & Baker, (the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Company) and Rover Cars. He then became Finance Director in a Scottish Hospital Trust following which he became the Chief Financial Officer for the Health Services Department of the Cayman Islands Government. On returning to the UK he took up the post of  Director of Finance and Personnel at Waterways Ireland based here in Enniskillen.

Clerical Assistant: Scott Elliott
Scott now assists regularly at our Sunday services. He has recently obtained a BTh from Queen’s University, Belfast and is presently undertaking a foundation course at the Church of Ireland Theological Institute at Braemor Park, Dublin. After completion of the course. candidates go forward to a selection panel who will decide to recommend to their Bishop that they be ready for Ordination.