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                                                                            The Temple Model

There is a 2m x 1m scale model of the Desert Tabernacle with illustrative coverings, ritual
furniture and animals.
There are also “Jewish life” artefacts such as Sabbath candlesticks and bread, Jewish prayer
shawls, phylacteries, a Passover plate, mezuzah (door post blessings), illustrating Jewish Life
and a unique Middle Eastern clothing collection with some garments dating back 150 years.
Some of the clothing is used in giving character or costume-themed Bible talks (eg The
Shepherd, The Tribal Leader, The Middle Eastern Bride). Where practical, children are
encouraged to try on the costumes.
All the artefacts have a fact sheet of explanatory notes.
By using a multisensory approach, the aim is to give exhibition visitors an insight into the
Biblical world.
All talks and materials can be adapted to suit either school curriculum requirements or the
church’s educational needs.
The exhibition is staffed (all DBS checked) by The Church’s Ministry Among Jewish People-CMJ,
an Anglican Church mission society that has been active since 1809.
The team is led by Paul and Janey Hames who have lived in Jerusalem for five years and have
considerable experience in working with churches and prayer groups, as well as students and
young people.

Cathedral Activities for Children
This page provides information for parents relating to Sunday Lights (Junior Sunday School), Sunday Café (Senior Sunday School), Messy Church, Confirmation classes, Xplore and others.

For information relating to Sunday School sessions during the Coronavirus crisis, Please click

There a number of
registration forms that are viewable on line and can then be printed or downloaded for later printing. Just click on any of the following  words as appropriate:


Messy Church

Sunday Lights and Sunday Café


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