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On this page we feature missions and charities which we support, whether regularly or from time to time. Parishioners and friends who wish to make donations may do so by contacting Beth in the office. Anyone who is a UK tax payer can substantially increase the value of their donation without extra outlay on their part by signing a Gift Aid declaration, although the need to do so is apparently in time going to be phased out. Spring is the time of year when a "Lenten Project" is in operation in the Church of Ireland. Our own church  traditionally donates very generously to any given year's chosen mission and we hope that despite difficult economic times that this will continue. As was the case last year, there wasn't just one Lenten project, but two - the Parisioners' one which is devoted to Anglicans in World Mission and the Sunday School one for the benefit SD Church in Nepal.

Full details are as follows:
"Smiles" is a Christian charity which is devoted to helping needy people in Romania in a thoroughly practical way. Its activities include construction and maintenance work, medical and nursing care, family support including provision of food parcels, and children's work. Volunteers going on mission trips with this charity are told "Use your hands, head and heart by sharing the Love of Christ in a practical and meaningful way with the people of Romania. Whatever your gifts or interests, a Smiles Mission Trip will challenge you in service, sharing and sacrifice for others." Teams from St Macartin's who have gone out to Romania with "Smiles" on several occasions have been very richly blessed. Further details can be had from George and Myrtle Irvine who can be contacted through the office. The charity's website is at:

(last updated 28th February 2013)

• US  (United Society - formerly USPG and the oldest Anglican Missionary Society) is a church-based charity working in direct partnership with people and communities around the world.

• For over 300 years it has been sharing God’s love through action, and seeing lives transformed.

• Its goal is to help more and more people ‘take hold of the life that is truly life’ (1 Timothy 6:19). Its mode of working lvaries according to the culture and context of its church partners.

• In Zimbabwe, it initiated a national programme to tackle HIV stigma so that more people will come forward to receive counselling and treatment.

• In Myanmar, it is supporting a programme to take healthcare into isolated rural communities.

• In South Africa, it has developed a programme to provide church leaders with practical development skills.

In 2013, CMS Ireland’s Annual Project will focus on Education in South Sudan – one of the newest countries in the world. All Things New will explore the importance of schools and teaching in the Diocese of Ibba, where primary education provision is extremely limited. The Church in Ibba has identified education as one of its main mission priorities and the project seeks to support them in this work. In addition to raising funds for Ibba, the project will help children discover something about South Sudan, explore the importance of education and learn that God wants them to make a difference.
The Annual Project Resource pack will include stories from the life of David and various activities and crafts to help children learn more about mission. Movie clips and photos from South Sudan will also be provided.

Crosslinks is an international mission society with its roots in the Bible, working largely within the worldwide Anglican Communion.

Its business is making Christ known through the teaching of God's word in the power of the Holy Spirit. It does this by organising gospel partnerships across cultural boundaries.

Its website can be reached by clicking on the following link:


Church Army is an evangelistic Church of England organisation operating in many parts of the Anglican Communion.

It was founded in England in 1882 by the Rev. Wilson Carlile who banded together an orderly army of soldiers, officers, and a few working men and women, whom he and others trained to act as Church of England evangelists among the outcasts and criminals of the Westminster slums.

During the First World War, the Church Army was very active among the troops in France, and ran two thousand or so social clubs across France.

The Church Army is now a member of The National Council for Voluntary Youth Services (NCVYS)[4] by virtue of its work towards the personal and social development of young people.

Today, the legacy of Wilson Carlile continues as Church Army evangelists work hard to make a difference in people’s lives; taking the gospel into the community and sharing in the things that matter to people. Church Army has over 300 evangelists devoted to a wide range of services in Anglican churches, projects and teams throughout the United Kingdom and Ireland. Church Army’s focus is on reaching out and making the church effective by meeting people where they are; they start from here and discover ways of creating fresh and relevant expressions of Christian community.

There is a wealth of information on its website - click on

Bishops' Appeal
Bishops' Appeal is the Church of Ireland World Aid and Development Programme.  Its concerns fall into a number of categories:

1. to educate the Church at home about the needs and concerns of people in the less developed world and the causes of poverty;
2. to encourage Church members to examine the reasons for the problems facing the less fortunate in the world and to consider   what we can do to change conditions;
3. to reach out in God's name to those who need our help;
4. to encourage informed prayer and prayerful action aimed at strengthening the poor;
5. to raise the funds needed to allow Bishops' Appeal to support development projects and alleviate the suffering caused by disasters, both natural and man-made.

Bishops' Appeal does not engage directly in development work itself, but channels funds through development agencies and partner churches who are already in place in areas of need.

Bishops' Appeal contributes to relief of suffering in time of emergencies whether natural or man-made. However, its main concern is to support ongoing development in the fields of sustainable agriculture, health, including HIV/AIDS, and education in many parts of the world. The aim is to enable people to have more control over their own lives and futures so that they are less dependent on others than they are today.

You can visit its website by clicking on:

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US – Lenten Boxes are available in the Cathedral Porch

CMSI – Lenten Boxes will be issued to each family at Sunday School and only one box per family need be returned.

Please support those in need this Lenten Season!